google app updates

The Google app is the most popular app on play store with 5 billion downloads and 14 million reviews.

Features of google app

  • Find quick answers from google app
  • You can easily search for nearby shops and restaurants located in your hometown
  • Get information about upcoming movies releasing date their casts and review of the movie
  • There is a huge stock of information available on google app
  • Easily set updates for their favorite topic google app keep you updated about your interest
  • Google app updated you with the weather, sports, and the latest news

13 May 2020 Google App Updates

  • Now you can use voice commands while navigating even your device has no connection. Try saying ‘cancel my navigation’ or ‘what’s my next turn?’
  • Due to disruption in internet connection, if your search fails, the Google app will deliver your results once you regain connection
  • Whenever your device goes offline troubleshooting connectivity issues available with more error cards
  • Now you can easily access the privacy settings from the home screen

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