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What is Seesaw App  

The Seesaw app is one of the fast-growing remote learning apps for students, teachers, and parents as well. The app is very helpful for both students and teachers so that they do their work in a well-disposed environment and save the time of teachers.

The Seesaw app makes a powerful interaction between students, teachers, and parents. The app is free for teachers and used in over 200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the US.

Seesaw app achievements

In 2018 the app select for Top pick for learning by common sense education

Best website of 2016 by American Association of school librarians over 1,000,000 plus downloads

How Does Seesaw App Help Teachers

It is difficult for the teacher to create hormone y among students and engaging them in the classroom. The Seesaw app solves the problem of the teacher by its amazing features available on the app.

With the help of this app teachers can easily manage the activities of the students and can collect feedback and misconceptions regarding classroom activities. The app works for every subject like Math, Drawing, Music, Computers, etc.

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How Can Teachers Use The Seesaw App

As we already say seesaw is free for teachers they can easily make their account on the app and start working with their students.

teachers main page in seesaw app

At the top of the page, there is a green button, with the help of this button teacher can easily post students homework

They can take photos of student’s homework like drawing and other notes

They can draw drawings

They can make a video conversation with students

A teacher can easily upload Files photos and videos

They can type a note and they can send important websites links to students

post work in seesaw app

Teachers can easily create activities for students based on different topics.

activity library in seesaw app

For example, we have taken an activity on the topic of daily reading routine in which a teacher assigned an activity to the student and talks important aspect of reading

activity in seesaw app

The third activity teacher can do, they can send important announcements to students and parents as well.

Teachers can set a skills graph to monitor and encourage the student’s progress. They easily track skills students working towards and assign rating numbers according to student’s progress.

students rating graph in seesaw app

At class setting option teachers can set different options for students like.

How can students sign in to class

They can manage students

Enable student to like and comments

Set the option so that students can see each others work

students setting in seesaw app

The best part of the app is that teachers can easily allow to access the families to class activities. They can invite and manage their families. They can allow families to share, like, and comment.

family settings in seesaw app

How Does the Seesaw App Help Students

In the first section we talk about the Seesaw app for teachers now we will find out how the Seesaw app can help students to improve their learning quality.

When a student login into the seesaw app he can see that the drawing teacher already added activity for students to complete.

activity assign by teacher

Before complete the activity makes sure students read the instructions given by her/his teacher. The activity includes audio instruction. After reading the instruction a student easily gives the answer by clicking on add response button.

Students can take pictures and make videos by clicking on the green add button. They can make drawings and upload photos, videos, and files. They can share important links. Students can share their work with their fellow students.

students post work in seesaw

How Does the Seesaw App for Parents

The Seesaw app for parents is a very good tool to monitor the activity and progress of their children s without being there. Parents can see the daily work and activities of their children. 

Parents can connect to their child’s account using a special invite code or link from teachers. 

Parents and teachers can easily share the information regarding learning activities and parents can give feedback and comments on the posts. Parents can see the posts and messages that the teacher sends. When something new added parents get a notification

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