how to download instagram videos

Most people think about how to download Instagram videos could. They see only the video and make favorite of it but downloading is a hard task for every user. Here we are going to check out how we are going to download the video in a short span.

This social networking site is one of the best sites to capture our live moments as pictures and videos to share. It consumes very less memory to download on your device at any time.

Basically, it is an app that supports Android as well as iOS devices. However, you can also edit the video and photo as per your convenience.

How to download Instagram Videos

For information, there are many apps roaming around the online to download the Instagram video. However, some may feel like struggling to download without knowing any proper instructions at the right time.

To those people here we are sharing some of the main instructions to handle for downloading the videos from Instagram. This might be very helpful for people from downloading Instagram videos.

We all know that in all the Instagram account you could see a video in song form, a news feed, and more. But when it comes to downloading the video, you cannot find any URL related to the video to download.

For this purpose, we are providing some instructions to check out for the further process. First of all, you need to copy the video URL for downloading process.

Method 1 – By Instagram Video Downloader Tool

Step 1: At first, the users must log in to Instagram which is available as a mobile application on your device.

Step 2: After the process is over, you need to tap the Instagram video thumbnail.

Step 3: Now click the video to play where you can see the three-dotted icons placed at the right of the top corner.

Step 4: You can now view the copy link URL from the dotted icon. Now you have to copy the link and share it on the mobile clipboard.

Step 5: It is the right time for the users to copy-paste the URL on

Step 6: Finally, the video will be downloaded on your device.

These are the important instructions that you need to follow for downloading the videos without any hesitation.

Download Instagram videos in PC

When it comes to downloading the PC, the same instructions given, or the device. However, get the link and place it in the address bar of a browser and now get the option as “Save as”. Once it is done, you can easily save the video by copy-pasting the video URL at any stage.

Download Instagram Videos By Using Inspect Element

Downloading Instagram videos is not that difficult task from using Inspect Element. Now you can do it with the help of the inspect element.

Here you need to follow simple and easy steps to download the Instagram videos by inspecting elements.

  • First, open the browser and log in to your Instagram account from the device.
  • Then select the video you want to download and do not play that video.
  • Now right-click the selected video and tap on the inspect element option.
  • Now you will able to see the codes. Here choose the link which ends with .mp4.
  • Copy and paste it into the browser from the new window.
  • Video will open now and right-click on the video and save it.
  • Now you will get your favorite Instagram video on your device.

Download Instagram Videos From Android Devices

InstaSave app is a third party application that is used to download all Instagram videos, images.

The InstaSave app is an android application to be used in all the android devices to download Instagram videos and pictures.

  • First, open your Instagram user’s account from the Android device.
  • Then select a video you want to download and copy the URL link of that particular video.
  • Now open the InstaSave app from your android device and paste the URL.
  • Now you will see the video on the InstaSave app.
  • Click on the downloading button at the bottom of the page.
  • Now the app will save the video directly on your device gallery.

Download Instagram Videos From iPhone

There few iPhone apps available to download the videos from the Instagram app.

They short out the time and steps to download and access the contents easily.

  • First, download and install any of the Instagram iPhone videos downloader app.
  • Then open your Instagram account from your iPhone.
  • Copy the link of the video from Instagram.
  • Now open the downloader app and paste the link on it.
  • Tap the save option for downloading the video or image.

Final words

People who are all want to download the video from Instagram can proceed with the above instructions.

I hope the given steps to download the Instagram video will help you at any time. This simple step makes the users download often videos regarding entertainment and news feed.

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