Music Paradise Pro

At first, we want to inform you all that what is Music Paradise Pro? Music Paradise Pro is an Android and iOS application that is used to stream and download free music through this app.

Although there are some users who already started to use other similar apps like Music Paradise pro. May they are more comfortable with those applications at all.

If you feel good in using those apps then it fine. But there are many users who still exist who do not know about the alternatives to Music Paradise Pro. Depending on this condition, many users feel bored in using Music Paradise pro for a long period of time.

So here we are going to discuss the best alternative apps like Music Paradise Pro which will provide almost the same features as it.

You also easily download those applications from their preferred sites and thus safely and securely you can use it on your Android and iOS smartphones.

With the name of every application, we want to provide you with some of the basic features of these apps too.

While you will search for anyone of this app you can find many links to download the apps. But always try to download the latest versions only to avail the full-fledged features only.

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List of alternatives apps like Music Paradise Pro

Here we will hold up the total list of alternative apps like Music Paradise pro. Some of the apps are almost the same as Music Paradise Pro only and some of them are high in terms of features.

This is for sure that you can stream free music online using the below-described apps. Let’s start to discuss them in detail.

Sound Hound

We hope you know about the name Sound Hound, which is a very well-known app for all. Sound Hound is so much popular for iOS as well as for Android smartphones too.

This app is very much useful in the sense of streaming and downloading music for offline listening purposes.

Thus you need not use the internet while you listen to the track in offline mode. From the App Store, this app is available for free to download also.

Google Play Music

The next best music streaming app or the alternative of Music Paradise pro is Google Play Music. If you want to upload your own track, download and save tracks for offline can easily possible with this app.

This is the official app by Google, Inc. which is available for both Android and iOS platforms too. Once you need to go to your app store and download this app, thus you can enjoy the best tracks from a wide variety of ranges.


Another best app for download MP3 music is GTunes. If you want the best alternative of Music Paradise then Music Paradise Pro is the best option for you.

This application is very much easy to operate on iOS as well as on Android Phones. Before downloading any songs on your phone, you can stream or listen to the complete song for free.

This app will not create any issue as it all consists of the total legal contents only.

4Shared Music

With the best features of the 4shared music app, it becomes very much popular among smartphone users. Thus you can also choose this application by replacing the Music Paradise pro.

This app is also free to download and search any songs with the help of minimal keywords. For the first time use, this app requires one time registration process.


One of the popular music listening apps is Gaana which is available for iOS and Android too. All the latest songs with the huge collection of old tracks are also available in Gaana App.

Download and save the tracks for the offline listening purpose very easily. Thus it will not consume your phone memory to save all those tracks. This app is also providing a user-friendly interface to operate very easily.

Besides these apps, there are many alternatives also available which you may select according to your needs. But according to the user need we recommend you all to use the above-described applications to download and stream any tracks for free.

At least once you all need to try any one of the above apps if you really love the music at all. That’s all about apps like Music Paradise Pro and we hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have provided above about those apps.

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