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There are numerous platforms that can help you to watch free movies online. Those platforms include mobile apps (ios and android both) to watch a movie on pc.

Best Apps to watch movies online

Here is a list of the top apps to watch movies that will make your bad day into a good one:

1) Megabox HD                  

MegaBox is just another app which is similar to Showbox and Popcorn time. This app is only available for Android users.

It is popular because of its small size and occupying less memory of your mobile phone. MegaBox HD allows its users to watch all movies on their mobile devices in HD quality.

If you are interested in watching movies then Megabox HD is worth downloading.

2) Youtube

Well, we all know about youtube for its trending videos all over the world. This time youtube has upgraded itself by allowing its users to watch movies online.

The best thing about it is that the movies on youtube are posted after taking permission from movie makers. Hence, supporting movie makers and actors both.

Another aspect of it is that most of the movies are paid. Which means you will have to pay a small fee of 1-10$ to watch movies. This feature is beneficial to those who want to watch movies with good quality.

3) Showbox

Showbox is another app that will help you to watch movies for free. The most popular features of the Showbox app are that it provides you latest movie, subtitles in multiple languages.

Most of the movies and shows are broadcasted the next day after the release. You can download the app from its official site.

4) Netflix

Netflix is yet another app to watch movies in the best quality. The only issue is that Netflix is only paid, which means you cannot use it for free.

It is totally ad-free and provides movies in all languages and provides subtitles accordingly. Another thing is that the movies released on Netflix are not fresh, means you will have to wait for a long time to get a movie released on Netflix.

5) Cinemabox

Cinemabox HD is an improved version of the Showbox app. Cinemabox HD is capable of showing you the latest and popular movies right after the release. Also, this app provides you with a feature to connect it to Chromecast, PC, subtitles, multiple audio movies and much more.

The best part of the cinema box app is that it will never irritate you due to the ads. If you are looking for a trusted source to download it. Click the link given below.

Conclusion: As per the reviews and response of the people, the cinema box app is the best app to kill the boredom. It’s easy to navigate, has better features than other apps and allows you to watch the latest movies.

Other than the cinema box, youtube is the next app if you are not in the mood to compromise with the video quality.

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