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have you ever watched videos in a floating window? Now you can watch the videos in a popup window while doing anything on your computer or laptop.

In this post, we will discuss a Google extension Picture in Picture developed by google. With the help of this extension, you can watch videos in a floating window.

First of all, got the google extension page and type picture-in-picture extension by Google. Click add to chrome and install the extension. Now you have done it.

How it works

Simply go to YouTube and play your favorite video or movie. At the right side and top of the browser, you can see the google extension icon simply click on it a new popup window will appear on the right side and bottom of the browser.

Enjoy the video while doing anything browse any website your video will remain on the top.

You can easily resize the popup window and put it at any place by just one click. Easily pause and close the window at any time.

The best thing about the picture in picture google extension is that it works with everyone. You can easily watch Facebook and Instagram videos in a popup floating window

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